Monday, March 05, 2007

Whoops! Missed a week!

Man, time is flying here. I missed a whole week of posting. For part of the week I was out of town, but still, that's no excuse for the first part of the week. So, here's what I did this past week: calendar died yesterday at some point, so I can't exactly say what I did this past week. OH - went to MOMS Night Out at this cool new little coffee and dessert place. Not as cool as Saradora's in Round Rock, but neat.

At some point I met with a plastic surgeon about a breast reduction and tummy tuck, and WE DECIDED TO GO AHEAD AND GET IT DONE! YEA!!! I am so excited about this - no more backache or headaches from these guys. While they are friendly and have been with me for all of these years, they too need to be retired. I figure that a 40FF is plenty to go around, but around someone else, not me. The tummy tuck is the result of carrying twins and wanting once again to be able to wear clothes that fit me properly, not hang on me like I'm a grunge lady. we scheduled it for April 12, and I'm so ready to get this done, even though it means a long recovery. I've heard that it will be SOOOOO worth it.

Well, lets see. This past weekend I headed off to Savannah, GA for the first annual IRW Convention. It was called BKNC for short, so I'll call it that here. The best part (aside from the relaxing time, hanging out with new friends that I've only "met" online, and getting lots of cool scrapping stuff and business ideas, was that I WON AN AWARD! I am the 2006 Star Leader! Out of all the instructors in the company I AM THE STAR LEADER! Yea!!! I am so NOT a toot my own horn person, but this one was completely unexpected and I am so very proud, so I'll do it just this once.

We were at the awards banquet and they had given away the Inspiration Award for 2006, which we all submitted names for and the Instructor of the Year Award, which went to one of the Founders Key's who has grown her business 325% in the past year (GO CINDY!), and then they started talking about this leadership award. Beth (who manages the instructors) was talking about this person who is always there to lend a hand, who isn't the most vocal person of the bunch, who has been building her team, etc. I was grabbing my camera after getting a quick sip of beer - I had been taking pics of all the folks going up on stage with my AWESOME zoom lens I got for Xmas - and Beth continued on. In the midst of building her team she was moving half way across the country, and after seeing her here we knew that this was the right person for this award. I was getting all excited for this person - you just had to after all the nice things they were saying about her, but I had no idea who it was. Then Beth said something like" And after having a really rough year" and I realized that she was talking about me. I had a really rough year. I got a big grin on my face and then she said Suzie Phipps, come on up here. I was a big grinny gus for the next few minutes. Couldn't believe it - after all this time of sneaking around and just doing what I normally do behind the scenes - building my team, customer base, , and supporting other instructors as they need, I was busted! But, I am so very proud. I got this great looking trophy thing and this cool apron with my name and 2006 Star Leader on it. Guess the cat's out of the closet now. Can't sneak around so much any more...

Funny thing though - it wasn't over. Beth asked if I wanted to say anything, and I said "I have no idea what to say, I'm actually speechless." She said, that's O.K. stay up here for a minute - we're going to introduce you as the first of the 2007 Founder's Keys!!!! That's a team of 10 or so ladies that they take and bring out to Arizona in June for leadership training. These ladies go back and train others, help other instructors, and learn and then share how to build their own businesses. WILD! I am so freaking excited!!!! So, enough horn tooting for now. As I told Ray earlier tonight, I'm going to crawl back into my hole now and hide again!

That's pretty much what I did this past week. I have a new (computer based) calendar, our chest freezer still isn't fixed, and I think that Terminix hates me. But, more on all this tomorrow. Have a nice evening - signing off from my hidey hole! ;)

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Krissy said...

WOW!!! Congrats Suzie!! that's awesome!!