Monday, March 12, 2007

Got Me a Mammogram!

Well, that certainly wasn't as terrible as some make it out to be. I had a rough start, but it had nothing to do with the scan itself and everything to do with the fact that I was basically walking in off the street attempting to get a mammogram and *gasp* pay for it on the spot. I've already gone round with my doc and the insurance company, and they just won't cover it. I'm too young, too healthy, and they really don't care if I have a baseline done before. So, I knew going in that I was going to have to pay for it. I also knew that I had an appointment at 7:30 this morning. Remember that we changed the time in the middle of the night last this past weekend? Well, apparently I didn't change all the clocks in the house, including my alarm clock. When Max's alarm went off at what I thought was 6am, I barked at him to get back in bed and he looked at me a bit bewildered. After about three minutes and a quick run downstairs to the kitchen clocks, which I knew we had set, I ran back upstairs and got everyone up and got dressed and ran out the door. I made the appointment on time but I failed to grab the packet of info from my plastic surgeon that had the orders for the mammogram. apparently the other problem when walking in off the street offering to pay for a mammogram is that you really can't just walk in off the street - a doctor has to send you there. After some going around about what actually constitutes "doctor's orders," and after To faxed me the page that had the word MAMMOGRAM and the doctor's signature on the same page, I was in. I really, really wanted to join the mammogram club, and this morning I finally did.

Like I said, it wasn't that bad. The biggest problem for me is that my back muscle - the ones that hold you up - are both pulled and hurt (slept too long on Sunday AM). So when she had me perform weird yoga poses and hold still for the 15-20 seconds that was required, I was a hurtin' dog. But, the scan itself and he compression wasn't bad at all. Hopefully it all looked good and we're set for the surgery. (The tech let me peek because I was curious, and it looked really cool but just like every other mammogram that I've ever seen - boob shaped and covered with veiny things!)

Tomorrow I'm off to my doctor to get all the blood work done. Then I really will be good to go. April 12 here I come!

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