Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Date Night Returns!

So Tom and I are date night shy. We've had a run of a few date nights that went well, but had something terrible happen during them. So, we avoid the whole date night get the babysitter enjoy the evening out type thing. To tell you how bad it's been, we've been on only three (babysitter involved) date nights SINCE WE MOVED TO TEXAS IN 1997, and only a few other nights our of the house without the kids. Well, unless I hear otherwise in the next few days from any of you guys, we've broken the "curse." And certainly, if you are in our "sphere of influence" as one close friend put it, you are now safe.

We've snuck out a few times when one of our folks was in town, but we even did that with a bit of trepidation. We never knew who or what was next to fall victim to our "Date Night Curse." But, like I said, it's broken now, so we are all about he dates (yeah, and our babysitter is going to be out of commission for a few weeks as she's getting her tonsils out - NOT OUR FAULT - PRE-EXISTING CONDITION).

So this past Saturday we went to see Reno 911: Miami. If you haven't seen the TV show, it is HILARIOUS. Now, it is a bit raunchy and has some perverse humor at times, but we've seen tons of episodes and every one is funnier than the next. I'm going to try and get the trailer posted here, so don't let your kids look over your shoulder when it plays They have everyone covered up and I don't think there are any terribly bad words, but's Reno 911.

So, if you are looking for a really funny movie to see, certainly check this one out. It's not going to win any awards, but it is really, really entertaining. Not sure what's on tap for our next date night, but our sitter already has us on a rotation with a few other families, something that will force us to continue doing the whole date night thing, which we really do enjoy. Hanging out with Tom is always fun, and I can't wait to see more movies, eat at more good restaurants, etc.

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