Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Got Kids?

Every once in a while I see something that sucks me right back in to wanting kids. These aren't things like pictures of cute kids which do it pretty much all the time, but the kids' accessories. I mean things like Sippy Cups, blankets, toys, cool new car seats or strollers (yes, that too draws me in - gotta love technological advances that make things look so much cooler and work so much better today than back when...). So anyway I was reading this cool blog that I really enjoy and saw this cute little ad out of the corner of my eye:I just had to click on it! And what did I find: COW PRINT ONESIES! O.K. So my mom made the boys some terrifically cute tie dyed onesies when all three were little. They also got some darling animal print ones from her, as well as a cute stash from Gerber. But these take the cake. You have to admit - kids or not kids, these things are ADORABLE. They not only have cow print, but also Camo prints and Fruits and Veggie Bibs! Here are the pics, but if you have any kids or know of any kids, go check this site out. I can't WAIT until someone has a baby that I can get these for!!!! Hmmm...do you think my 4 year old could squeeze into that cute cow print onesie? Nah....then again...

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