Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Remember Dark Angel?

So I was sitting here checking my e-mail while watching TV and had a sudden minute of panic. Did I name my first born son after a TV character??? Oh, no. That's not good. I was watching Dark Angel on the Sci Fi Channel. Dark Angel was one of my favorite TV shows several years ago, and while it was only on for two seasons, I really enjoyed watching it and followed the story pretty closely. Unfortunately they canceled it before they finished the story and I was bummed. Jessica Alba played the lead character - Max, and thus you see my panic. Which came first - TV Max, or my Max? They both showed up around the same time, but could I have actually named my kid after a TV character?

I hopped online to see if the show came on BEFORE or AFTER my Max was born. A big WHEW didn't start until October 2000, so Max was NOT named after Miss Jessica Alba! He he he...that would be a bit embarrassing. Talk about a major faux pas!

On a celebratory note, Sam is officially out of Pull Ups! Yea! Woo Hoo! Yee Haw! We are DONE DONE DONE with diapers! He actually has been out of them for a while, but still wanted to wear them at night and since we subscribe to the lazy parent potty training school of thought, we let him. But, this past weekend he went three nights without a diaper and no accidents. And, he's been Pull Up free since and still no accidents! Yea!

happy dance happy dance happy dance

This is for you Sam...

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Anonymous said...

Yeah for Sam!!!! :)

Hey -- where's our picture???? I thought that Kim and I were going to make it on the famous blog!

Beck :)