Sunday, March 11, 2007


So it begins in our house. We implemented a Chore Chart today and started down the path to an allowance for the boys. max gets the money part, and Ian and Sam understand the whole do chores and get stars, but not the part about the money (yet).

Here's how it all came down. We were sitting at the table and Max was talking about cleaning and chores and I told him that we could start a chore chart. He got all excited and started spitting out chores (silly little man - he'll regret that when he's 12). So, we wrote down some reasonable chores that they could help with and that they would be responsible for on a regular basis. Some of the stuff they do already, but we thought we'd toss a few bones in so they didn't feel so overwhelmed. Already they are responsible for picking up their toys before bed each night, brushing their teeth everyday, and helping out when we ask. But, Max was running with stuff like trash, laundry, sock patrol, etc., so we ran with it!

The deal is that if they complete all of their chores for the week they get $1 . We will get them some sort of piggy back or something that they can put their money into. most likely will be mason jars, but here's why. We told them that some of the money goes to savings, some to charity, and the rest they can spend or save for something bigger. Since it's only $1, it might take them two weeks, but they will be able to buy a new Hot Wheels or something. it will teach them the basics of working and saving and as they get a bit older, the whole thing about money. So each week we'll give them the coins and they can split up their $1 into the different banks.

The weird part here is that we expect them to do these chores anyway, and so far they haven't objected. They have responded positively in the past to charts - all three really dug the potty chart and getting stars when they went in the potty - so I guess we have a good shot here. Honestly I wouldn't mind a little assistance with some of this stuff. The chores that we have on their charts will vary weekly, and like I said, we threw in getting dressed and brushing their teeth, which they do already. Max also ran with the idea of helping out with bigger chores, so we'll do that on a weekly basis. He and his brothers will help with cleaning bathrooms, doing the laundry, and vacuuming the one carpeted room as we see fit on the weekends. The rest of the chores are wiping off the kitchen table and Swiffering the floor, picking up socks and clothes that were left around the house and also putting away the day's laundry, and putting away the DVD's and games that were pulled out, plus emptying the little trash cans around the house. All these things, if done daily, take less than 5 minutes. Then they still clean their toys up each night, and then do their bedtime routine (teeth brushing, hassling their Dad, listening to stories after they finish hassling their Dad, etc.

I'm very excited about the prospect of them helping out, but also of the little guys earning money that they can spend as they like. I'll keep you posted on how it goes and whether they get the whole earning money thing!

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The Firth Five said...

Great idea! Let me know how things go with that.