Saturday, March 17, 2007

They call them cartveyors

Walmart has them, so does Bed Bath and Beyond, IKEA, and many many places over in Europe. We ran across our very first cart escalator at Target in Springfield, Virginia. After determining that it was functioning, briefly deciding that it might be faster to use than the elevator, and grossly underestimating the "cool" factor, I decided to toss my cart on there and see where it went. The boys weer just about beside themselves after that. The cart full of stuff rode it's own little escalator down from the second to t e first floor of a Target attached to the Springfield Mall. There are signs posted warning you not to send your kiddos in the cart, or to hang stuff over the edge, but otherwise the cart really can be loaded down with stuff. The cart went slightly slower than us, so we made it down first to retrieve the cart before it was ejected and ran over some poor soul (not very likely, but an interesting thought). Then, the boys immediately wanted to go back upstairs, and down, and back up - you get the drift. They also came home and told Max and Daddy all about it, and of course we had to take them too. Now the cart escalator is the big draw when I need to drag the boys to Target. The conversation goes something like this:

"Come on guys, time to go to Target."
"But we're going to the Target with the cool cart escalator."
Pitter patter of little feet.
"Hurry up MOMMY! Let's go!"

So, the cart escalator not only move my good from floor to floor (and allows stores like T and W to move into locations otherwise space prohibited) but it also moves my children. Can't beat that...

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