Thursday, March 29, 2007

kinda sassy...just sorta...

Ever have one of those days where things are a little sideways, where you feel off center, but not really? Well, I'm having one of those days today. It was a fantastic day all the way around and now I'm kind of wondering if someone gave me caffeinated coffee (hit Starbuck's TWICE today - will explain). Can you imagine the damage that would do? It's been YEARS since I had a big huge swig of caffeine, so you can only imagine.

Anyway, took the little guys to see Diego in DC today. Loads of fun and got to see some old friends from Texas. The boys obliged me and held up their Baby Jaguar masks, but then promptly handed them back and went about the business of watching the show. We hit up McD's after and then took the Metro back home, where the boys promptly fell asleep. Then, we had to hang out at the mall for an hour or so, so we grabbed some snacks then headed up to the new ice rink. There was someone skating, so the little boys got to see what ice skating was all about. Funny thing - they said that it looked like skateboarding, but that you couldn't plop on the board on your belly. Not sure they got the whole cold ice part or the skates part, but they did see the nice lady leaving marks on the ground - and they weren't so pleased with that.

On the way home (Tom left work early as he's already worked a full week this week) my smart ass hubby was making fun of my wanting to take pictures of all the pretty lilies in the median. He was waving his hands thinking I was actually going to take a picture driving 45 mph two lanes away from the flowers. So, I took that picture, and these are the pretty lilies!

Then tonight after dinner Max asked me to come down and dance with the three of them. I bounced, spun, and wiggled until I had no dance left in me. Oh how dancing has changed since the 1980's...well, maybe not. Max was doing his best break dancing imitation, and a pretty fine job of it I might add! Then I headed off to Starbucks (second time today - we hit SB up this morning while we were killing time so we didn't get on the Metro in the middle of the rush) to plan the MOMS Club activities for the next two months. Met a very nice lady with a four year old and an infant who was there to help me get this thing planned out. Might have a playdate there - she seemed really nice and her kiddos are also both boys.

So, all in all a pretty decent day. Not sure where the sassy came from, but my off center kind of day was a good one!

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