Thursday, March 08, 2007

Little Things

Ever have one of those days where you just want to bum around the house and do basically nothing? Well, I've had three of those days now. Part of the problem is that I really need to get to the gym - I'm out of steam after last weekend's trip to Savannah and need a good work out. But the little boys are sick and I can't go to the gym with sick kiddos. It's also been quite cold ad snowing the past few days, so no bike riding (which around here would be a great workout), or any other type of outdoor activity. So, I'm dragging around now.

I did say that the boys' being sick is only part of the reason that I haven't hit the gym in the past few days. The other part is that I majorly busted it on the stairs - came down on my be-hind instead of on my feet. I have this big ass bruise on my butt to prove it. Today my ankle no longer hurts (it did hurt enough that I thought there might be a chipped bone, but it is also just bruised), but my back is bothering me a bit. I landed right on the edge of the stair right on my patootie, so the muscle there is very unhappy and is probably pulling on my back muscles and pissing them off. So, gotta take it easy for a day or two more. But, I'll hit the gym this weekend regardless - need that boost!

I'm off to get a mammogram on Monday. Tom was asking exactly how it worked and since I'm not sure we'll be looking it up tonight. Hopefully it won't be too painful. There's nothing wrong, and yes, I'm only 34, but the surgeon wants the baseline done before surgery so that the doctors have stuff to compare it to after the surgery and when I'm the appropriate age for getting one of these. I'm excited about seeing it though - anytime I can get a glimpse into how I work and how I'm put together, I really dig that. So, Monday a mammogram it is.

Tomorrow night we get to have dinner with Dr. Dean Auntie Ray. Yes, she's got lots of titles but she's still Auntie Ray to us. She's in town for a meeting so we're grabbing her and running off to dinner. It will be nice to see her again. Hopefully Sam will feel better and will be up far a little dinner get together. Otherwise we'll have to revisit the whole dinner thing and drag her over here.

Well, those are all the little thing for now. Maybe tomorrow will be a more active day for me. Not sure how many more of these dragging around the house days I can handle...I might just drive myself nuts!

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