Sunday, February 25, 2007

Meet Klaus

I was sitting in my office late last night working on some Artist's Trading Cards for a convention that I'm going to next week when I saw Bunsen perched very still outside the linen closet right outside of my office. He's sitting there like he's about to pounce on something, so I called Tom up and told him that Klaus was back. After not quite believing me, he obliged me and opened up the closet and moved the storage tubs (thank goodness for plastic bins!). Low and behold did Klaus peek out from behind one of the bins. You could feel the electricity in the air (well, the cats felt it). Bunsen was just about beside himself with glee when he saw the mouse peeking out from the tub. Tom was able to flip a tub over and capture Klaus.

After a prolonged discussion about how to deal with the mouse (Dad is in town for the boys' birthday and suggested snapping it's neck in a very scientific manner - he's a scientist so he's done this before) and whether or not to kill him at all, and after I finished up laughing at Tom's idea of dazing him by shaking the tub back and forth rapidly until his little brain sloshes, Tom took him and tossed him outside near the street. Hopefully it's far enough away that he can't find his way back here. Bunsen was crushed that he didn't get to play with Klaus more, but it was a short lived disappointment.

Tom told me a little while ago that while changing the bulbs in the boiler/laundry room tonight that he saw Klaus pop his little head out and scurry across a pipe (until he saw Tom and ran as fast as possible in the opposite direction). Tom thinks it was Klaus but we all know that it was either Klaus II, Klaus XXVII, or Klaus MCMXV. They all look alike and all live here somewhere...unfortunately.

So, for now Klaus I has been evicted, and Tom sealed up one spot where he had an easy in and out of the house. But, I'm sure this isn't the end of the Klaus saga.

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