Saturday, September 08, 2007

Thanks Oxy Clean Man!

Well, let me back up a bit. First off, I believe it was Clorox Oxi Magic, and second, it didn't start off so pleasantly.

At about 6:30 this morning (yes, AM) Sam popped his little head in and said "Mommy, Max has a nosebleed." Great. Just what I wanted to hear first thing in the morning. There are two things that are terribly wrong with this picture as well - the first being that I thought I had actually trained these kiddos to walk around the other side of the bed and wake up their DADDY in the mornings if they needed anything. The second was that blood makes me uncomfortable. Actually, to be honest here, blood makes me throw up. As recently as Max's head wound I tossed my cookies when he started gushing. Apparently being completely asleep combats that feeling totally. Didn't even feel a wee bit nauseous. So I dragged myself out of bed after realizing what Sam was saying and switched into Mom mode.

Well, the nice thing here (not sure if this is nice or not but it worked for me this morning!) is that Max has had a nosebleed recently enough that he was calm and had already done what he needed to do to stop the bleeding - so he was just covered with blood and not hysterical when I walked in. Yuk, but calm child. Ian was quite upset and while Sam told me that Ian didn't like nosebleeds, I realized that Max had dropped some blood on Ian's stuffed tabby cat - lately who is named Pikachu. Yes, of the Pokemon fame. Moving on, I did just about as much as I could do without invoking my magical powers of levitation (Max is on the top of some bunk beds and I couldn't move the mattress - not quite strong enough yet) so I woke Tom up to finish up the job. Tall, strong, and mostly asleep husband stripped the bed sheets (cleaned up the kid covered in blood because he apparently rolled around in it some before he realized what was going on) and I took the pile of yuk down to the washer (along with the tabby named Pikachu) and got them going.

Tom toddled off to bed, Pikachu is in the dryer now as the blood came right out - this is where the Oxi Magic comes in - and I'm sitting here slightly grossed out and unable to get back to sleep. Guess when your kid gets bonked on the nose at soccer practice he develops a blood clot and 12 hours later passes that clot. Yuk again, but I need to write that down in my notes on life so I won't forget. I did at least tell him to dress in dark clothes as the last time he had a nosebleed he started up again a bit later. Gross. Yuk. Ahhh...boys...I should own stock in Clorox.

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