Saturday, September 01, 2007

Lovely Day

Today was a lovely day. It started at Home Depot and is ending in front of the TV watching college football. Couldn't ask for more. What I've realized over the past few months is that I really enjoy spending time with my family. I mean I really enjoy them. Tom has mentioned this a few times, so I've continued to drag them out of the house on Saturdays, and this is how we spend time together. You see, before I started doing this we'd all do our own things on Saturdays - int eh same house, but our separately. Now, we do basically whatever I want (As it generally is according tom Tom, and he's not far off there...) and we all really enjoy our days.

Take today for example. We headed off to Home Depot so the kids could make these cool football peg board things. They got to hammer and nail and glue (and I hammered a nail that I now need to go get repaired), and had a good old time. Then, we ran a few errands - not so fun on their part, but we did get lunch in there as well as a few Star Wars Stamps. The boys needed new shoes (I even got a pair of cool sneakers!), I needed to mail some letters, and we needed to pick up the cool new pictures that I put in the first floor bathroom. They aren't exactly framed, but more like shellacked onto some fiberboard - they are now sweat proof. I found these prints here and loved them for the bathroom but wasn't quite sure how to get them in there without ruining them when I took my excessively long showers. So, they are now safe and secure hanging up in the bathroom!

Anyway, in the midst of running around I decided that we needed some ice cream. I plugged those exact words into my phone and up popped Dairy Queen, Cold Stone Creamery, and Dippin Dots. Let's see...easy choice there. Sam wanted marshmallows - didn't really care what kind of ice cream, but it MUST have marshmallows. Ian got vanilla with sprinkles - two of his favorite things, and Max got chocolate with gummy bears. Little kids heaven. But honestly, it was my kind of snacks too - I got some bright blue Cotton Candy ice cream in a waffle cone bowl. Man, I though the sugar rush was going to take me out for good, but it was worth it! Tom enjoyed mint ice cream with chocolate chips - the little ones! Guess he wanted to step out of his "vanilla box!"

So, after some errands, some hanging out, and some ice cream, we headed home. It was another great Saturday, and another day spent enjoying family.

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