Monday, September 24, 2007


So my boys decided that they wanted to be (from oldest to youngest) a Jedi, a penguin, and Superman. We are almost good to go on costumes, but I have NO IDEA where to go Trick or Treating. We live in an area where the homes are not only far apart, but there aren't many sidewalks. And honestly I'm not sure how many kiddos live around here anyway - haven't seen but one or two in strollers. So, where do we go?

Do we hit the mall along with the thousands of other kiddos? Do they even do that here at the malls? We went one year in Texas because they were forecasting very heavy rain and the mall Trick or Treating was a few days before Halloween Day. So we hit the mall, it didn't rain on Halloween, and we went again. It was a cool double Halloween treat for the boys.

Do we host a party? I remember going to lots of Halloween parties when I was growing up, and it was always fun. There was one family who hosted them regularly, and all the neighborhood kids went. But the boys are still kind of young for that, so I'm not sure how they and their friends would do. And I'm also not sure that I want to host a party - that's a lot of work.

Do we hit another neighborhood? Do I throw the kids in the car and head out to a nearby neighborhood to Trick or Treat? How weird is that? I guess if you live in a place like ours where you don't have any other good options, that you do head out to someone else's neighborhood. Oh, well. The kids don't care, so we'll be good.

We are heading to Boo at the Zoo again this year. This time I won't forget the costumes (thank goodness for really cold weather last Halloween and heavy jackets). You couldn't tell, but my kids were in jammies last year at the Zoo, and their costumes were on the couch at home, all laid out nicely. Sigh...

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