Wednesday, September 12, 2007

We survived!

Well, sort of. The first day of school for Ian and Sam went really well. Tom dropped them off in the mayhem that was drop off time, and I picked them up in what apparently was a similar situation to the morning, but like good little parents we all lined up. The boys seemed to enjoy their time at school and are willing, if not looking forward, to going back tomorrow. Not sure if they know that they'll go every day for the rest of the school year yet, but they'll figure that part out soon enough. So, loaded up with their cool self decorated totes, they headed off to school.

At school they played in the sand, rode trikes, played with Play Doh, and made art. At some point along they way there was mention of a snack, but it wasn't clear that this was an important part to them - the playground was much cooler. Ian even discussed the fact that at High School you don't have a sand box. I pointed out that he might not have a sand box in middle or even elementary school, but he reassured me that it was just high school.

So, I picked them up from school, we grabbed a bite and hit the doctor's office for a check up (for me - they are good until February). When we arrived home I turned around and saw something that I haven't seen in months - possibly even a year. Sam was asleep in his seat. But he wasn't just asleep, he was completely camped. One of his eyes was partially open and his mouth was definitely open. Ian is usually the one who crashes in the car, but he took a cat nap earlier and I guess that the day just caught up with Sam. Poor little guy - he got all of ten minutes of sleep in the car. He wasn't too happy with me when I woke him up to get out of the car.

And then the mayhem started. Not only were they tired, but all three boys were done behaving for the day. I guess that after three hours, seven for Max, that there's no good behavior left in the tank. So they proceeded to run all over their slightly frazzled mother, and no matter what I did they weren't having anything to do with behaving. So, as soon as Tom came home he fed them (he did because I guess I was done behaving for the day too) and sent them straight to bed. It was barely 7pm, but they were pretty much asleep right when their heads hit the bed. One of them peeped a bit alter, but they were all down for the count. So much for the 8pm bedtime - we're back to 7:30, and possibly earlier if the little guys go nuclear again tomorrow.

But, tomorrow I'll be sleeping myself as I hit the airways heading to Arizona. I'm off to a leadership training / getaway weekend for IRW. I am so freaking excited about this! Not only do I need the time away, but it will be great seeing all of those folks again and getting together to play. So poor Tom will be the Lone Ranger here for a few days. It will be bachelor central - boys weekend for sure. Last time I left the boys said to me that since I was gone they could burp and fart all they wanted. I didn't want to point out that they get to do that anyway, even if I'm here as long as they are polite after. Oh well, guys weekend - so be it.

So, if you call my house and no one answers, one of two things is going on. The first being that the entire house is asleep - simply exhausted. The second is that the boys have taken over and can't reach the phone. If that's the case it means that they have hog tied their Dad and he's shoved in a closet somewhere. Probably won't happen but as they get older you never know...

See you in a few unless I can post from the hotel!

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Krissy said...

AHHH ~ The first days of school! Love them!