Monday, September 17, 2007

It Must Be True Love...

I was in Scottsdale, AZ this weekend for what ended up being a very cool, completely exhausting leadership retreat. I arrived home on Sunday at about 8:30pm to a slightly excited husband (No, not that kind of excited). Before we even dragged the overweight luggage out of the car, he took me and showed me exactly what he'd been up to all weekend. I knew that he and the boys had really cleaned up the toy room - but I had no idea what they actually did. They not only straightened up, but they got rid of BAGS of toys and threw away LOADS of Happy Meal type toys. He said that the boys were even getting rid of stuff that they play with sometimes because they discovered loads of other toys that they completely forgot they even had. So, for them it wasn't work - it was Christmas.

But before Tom showed me the basement, he took me by the hand into my office - well, what used to be my office and was now someone else's clean space. I was shocked to say the least. Not only did he declutter and put stuff away, but he went to IKEA and bought another deep shelf for me to hold my ever growing album collection. He also stowed all of my products back into the closet where they are supposed to live, hung my DREAM sign over my door, and hung our wedding spurs up where I can see them. The best part is - he gets me completely. He knows that I'd freak out if I couldn't find my stuff, but that I would totally appreciate a cleaned up office. He sorted things into folder and tubs and out other things away so that while it was all organized, I could still see things. I can actually see my floor, and because there was room down there for the first time ever, he laid out my pink flower rug that makes me smile. He really really gets me.

He also hung up the hooks for the kids' school stuff. Max has always just thrown his backpack on the floor when he comes hoe from school. But since there was just one backpack, I didn't mind it if it sat near or on top of my gym bag. But, the little guys came home with totes from their school last week, so we had quite a pile going there. We decided to hang up the bags on some hooks, and while I suggested it before I left I had no idea that he was right on it like he was. So, he and the boys were certainly busy this weekend - I should go away more often. My office would stay cleaner if nothing to keep it this way for more than a day or two.


Leanne said...

Please, please, please lend me him for a weekend. I so need someone to organize me!

Better yet, can you clone him?

Christine said...

A day or two?

Don't you mean a MINUTE or two?? ;)