Monday, September 10, 2007

Staying Up WAAAY Too Late

So football season is upon us and I am staying up way too late...again. I blame the change in time zone for this. Certainly I'll take no personal responsibility as my attempt to avoid responsibility at all costs includes the whole going to bed in a timely manner thing. In Texas we were in the Central Time Zone. So, no matter where the football games were, they came on at a reasonable hour - not too early, not too late. I always sweated the West Coast starts but they really didn't keep me up that late.

Now that we are in Virginia, we are in the Eastern Time Zone. The problem arises when the second Monday Night Football game comes on, and it's 10 pm locally. I've watched the first game, and while I am getting my fix, I'm not honestly sure that I can turn the TV off by myself. That second game, the one that starts when I should really be going to bed, has sucked me in. Now I say to myself "Well, at least I'd be up anyway watching the late news (which comes on at 11 pm here as opposed to 10pm in Texas) and so I can certainly watch a bit more of the game." Yeah, right. I'm not heading to bed any time soon.

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