Sunday, September 02, 2007

Our Spider

My boys have a long history with Spiders and such in our homes. They seem to become attached to them for some reason (this is where I avert my eyes and try to distract you), and name them. Generally they are referred to as our house spider. but we did have a run of three spiders at the old place that the boys named George, George II and George III.

Anyway, we have a grand specimen here now out back. He's been hanging out on our umbrella on the deck - for about two weeks as far as we can tell. And the amazing part is - they boys have left the web alone. I ran right through it the other day not thinking, but the spider is still out there now - rebuilt parts f the web that I destroyed (and in the process made the entire spider community mad). This little spider built what in human terms is a mansion. This web is beautiful and seems to be pretty strong - he even caught something large in it.

So please say hello to the latest in our Spider Hall of Fame - Outside Spider, and check out his beautiful web!

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Pinks & Blues said...

We just read Charlotte's Web in our house and now we aren't allowed to touch/kill/move any spiders. They are all "Charlotte". Very funny. That's an awesome web... I will have to show my boys that!!
Great blog, found you through DC Metro Mamas!