Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Lookie What We Did Today!

We met our preschool teachers! (Can you tell I'm a bit excited about this?) Tom mentioned as we were getting ready to leave that the boys were a bit apprehensive as they weren't really clear what the whole preschool thing was, but we were off anyway.

About a week ago Sam announced that he wasn't going to preschool at all. He just didn't want to and while I wasn't panicked, I was sorely disappointed tha the wasn't as excited as I was about this whole thing. He changed his mind once Max started filling him in on all of the cool stuff that you do at preschool - arts and crafts, recess, meeting new friends, and he went on and on. After this both Sam and Ian were quite excited about it - even telling the lady checking us in at the gym that they were starting preschool. I breathed a little sigh of relief.
So off we went today to the preschool for the orientation. It was more like a "here's your room, your teachers, some of the cool stuff in the class, and your cubby" kind of orientation. Yes, they even have their own cubbies with their names right on them. Pretty cool if you are four...or 35 for that matter. They got school bags that they brought home and decorated today to take stuff back and forth to school. Sam walked right in like he owned the place (after not really wanting to step through the front door and being coaxed in by the teacher) and Ian really didn't want to play with anything until Tom coaxed him into it. The guys are in two separate classrooms - they will cause less trouble that way. ;)

Anyway, I am so freaking excited about this I can hardly contain myself! Don't get me wrong, I love my kids, but man oh man. It's been SEVEN YEARS at home with kiddos all the time. I am going to have almost three hours four days a week at home to do whatever I want (probably sleep some and maybe even *gasp* scrapbook some). This will let me catch up on stuff that has been sitting and waiting. And hopefully this will allow me to go to bed earlier - no more staying up late at might working on random stuff.

If I'm this excited now, can you imagine what it will be like next year when they go to full day kindergarden?

So tomorrow we'll have actual first day of school pictures, but for now here are a few snaps of orientation.

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The Firth Five said...

I can't wait until Kindergarten! You separated the boys huh? My boys are in the same class, but they don't play together all too much. They play with other kids, or in a big group, which is good. Congrats!