Monday, September 03, 2007


Well, off to placate myself with creme puffs. Thanks Kim for introducing me to these - they are the best ever. Maybe FSU will get yelled at enough, or embarrassed by the score, or beaten by their coach, or threatened with retirement, or whatever works...and will come out actually playing football.

Then again this won't be the worst loss of the week - Michigan took care of that for us. Come on guys...

Edited to Add: Man, that didn't go down as badly as I was expecting, and surely the Seminoles could have pulled it out at the end as they did show up for the second half. Geez man - typical FSU game. They begin by making you want more (LOTS more) then they start giving you little tidbits of their greatness (or mediocrity in this case) and they lift you up thinking there might be a chance, then BOOM! They drop you and you smack back down to earth and the reality that they just can't pull it off. Oh well, there's always next week...and the University of Texas...Hook 'Em!

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