Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Grade 2, Day 1

As the day is almost over I think it's safe to post now that the first day of school went off basically without a hitch. I was a bit concerned when Tom tried to drop Max off at his bus stop school (Max takes a bus from our local school to the magnet school that he attends - a whopping 5 miles from here) and not only was the bus really really late, but it was also full, and they were stuffing kiddos in there in order to get them to school. The man with ID tags from Max's school was grabbing kids and tossing them on the bus, all the while reassuring the parents that he was indeed from the school and the other bus wasn't coming, so the kiddos needed to board this bus and find a seat on top of some other little person.
So, Max got to school unscathed, had a pretty normal day, and came home with absolutely no info about his day. All in all a pretty typical school day. Hopefully the bus thing will get straightened out - we've had a bad run with bus routes thus far here in VA. At our old house we had the route that regularly didn't pick up the kids from school until close to 4 pm (they got out at 3:20). And here at the new place it seems better, but who knows what this year has in store.
Hopefully tomorrow will be as uneventful, but Max will share more about his day. But I'm not holding my breath - he is a 7 year old boy...

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The Firth Five said...

I hear you Susie! Brendan's first 2 days, to tell me anything is like pulling teeth! Luckily his teacher tonight at back to school night says he's doing fine!