Friday, August 31, 2007

Man oh Man

Today was one of those days that was quite productive, but one where I really just wanted to take a nap...

I made the boys...the almost blind seven year old as well as his (most likely) blind four year old bothers...eye doctor appointments.

I filed a lawsuit...for the first the Fairfax General Circuit Court.

I spoke to the little boys' teacher - not their preschool teacher but the one from the school district that will guide them through this next year and hopefully get their speech and sensory stuff settled.

I got steroid shots to help "settle" my scars down.

To explain.

Max mentioned a few days ago that he really couldn't see out of his right eye. Nice thing to mention offhand in the car. He has a way of doing that though. We knew from last year's annual exam that he had some trouble, and we probably should have taken him last year, but we are procrastinators. So, he's going in about three weeks. He'll most likely get glasses - can't WAIT to see what he picks out! As for the other two, well, their vision should be just fine, for now. We'll see what the professionals say, but I'd be surprised if either of them needs glasses.

The lawsuit was filed against our old landlord to get our deposit returned. I'll not go into details as the whole story really needs to be told in it's entirely to get the full humor in it, but I will certainly fill in the missing story when it is all settled. The note for now is that even after calling about 10 times and asking all the right questions, I still didn't fill out the paperwork correctly (yeah - a whopping two pages). Fortunately they let me scratch stuff out instead of having to redo the entire thing - Tom had just signed it and had it notarized. So, it's done and we are well on out way to collecting $2300 from a man with no sense at all (or at least no sense of what being a landlord is all about).

The boys' new speech / OT teacher called today. She seems very excited to get to work with them, and we'll get together next week to discuss how to get going and so I can fill her in. She said that most of the services would be provided at school, so life is really about to change. The little guys start school on the 13th, so we are already off on our next adventure.

My scars are hypertrophic - they are super excited about healing and they aren't supposed to be. So, my plastic surgeon offered to inject steroids into the are to "settle" them. Man, sounds like a good deal, but little did I know how painful it would be. The doctor said that it would sting - a lot - and I still agreed to do it. Man was she right! It felt like Lidocaine on top of Lidocaine. It stung going in and was sore shortly after. The good thing was that she was quick and it was over in a matter of minutes. She did need to tell me to slow my breathing. I was trying to take deep breaths and apparently I was hyperventilating myself instead. Oh well, pain does funny things.

And all I really wanted to accomplish today was a nap...

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