Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Things Kids Say #6

Periodically Ian pops up with questions that simply blow my mind. He listens and absorbs so much more than even I realize sometimes. Ever since my mom died and we told the kids all about the general process of death and what happens to you after (they were all asking), he's been full of all sorts of questions about it - trying to nail down exactly what goes on. Here are a few excerpts from our last conversation:

"When you get dead, how do you not get burned?" This was his opening question, and let me tell you, it caught me completely off guard.

"I mean, when you die, before they put you in a statue, how do you not get burned?" After asking him a few things I realized that he thought that when you were cremated that you were still alive. He's too young at this point to understand the concreteness of death, so I did my best to reassure him that he'd be dead before they cremated him (if that's what he chose). Can't believe I'm having this conversation with a five year old.

Now, he doesn't seem scared of the answers to his questions, but he does say occassionally that he wants to live forever. "Mommy, I wish we could have as many lives as we want." We always reassure him that he will live for along time, but I always tell him how important it is to live each day to the fullest and enjoy life. And honestly, I think he does.

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