Monday, July 14, 2008


Yes, I have 1205 messages in my e-mail inbox. How on earth did that happen? At one point in my life I'd hover around 200 and feel bad that I was taking up so much space (back when there were limits) and would go through and purge. Those days are over. I'll go back two or three pages and purge periodically, which is why I don't have 1800 or 3500 messages, but 1205? That still seems excessive. Let's look at some of the messages that sit in my inbox:

The oldest message is from 9/28/02 from a friend with info about a company that takes kids' artwork and makes it into things like cups, coasters, cards, prints, etc. I'm sure that since then there have been a few companies that do this that have come and gone even. Probably don't need to keep that one.

The next message is from 11/30/04 (not the next actual message but the next one I'll share!). It is directions, from a fellow scrapbooking instructor, on how to make this cool glass ornament. That actually might come in handy, but no need to keep the e-mail for four years.

Then there's the message from Dell about the free training courses from when I purchased my laptop - dated 6/2/05. Grrr...not growling at the courses - just the laptop.

There are also FIVE messages from Max's first soccer coach here in VA - the slightly crazy but well intentioned coach - five messages about various soccer things that he sent in ONE DAY. All the messages are dated 4/20/06.

A reminder about the Monster Jam Pt Pass Party shows up on 5/30/06, which of course was a shouldn't miss event. We missed the Pit Party - we barely made it to the Jam itself if I recall correctly.

There are assorted IRW (my scrapbooking business) e-mails mixed in, as well as jokes from friends, travel reservations, DC area info from fellow MOMS Club members right after we first arrived, and well wishes and info from family and friends when my Mom passed away. Some of that I'm not going to be able to erase, but most just needs to go.

And we still aren't even into 2007 yet. But you see what happens here. I read them, expect to take action on them, and then they fall off the front page. I think I just need to sit down one day and just dig in from the beginning and delete, save, or print every message. That said, as I st here typing FIVE new messages have arrived. No wonder can't seem to keep up.

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