Thursday, July 31, 2008


Can you imagine the let down from this? Sheesh.

Wannabe Chippendales Rip-off Crowd in Culpeper
From - posted 3:35 pm Thu July 31, 2008 - CULPEPER, Va.

A crowd of people say they were scammed by dancers posing to be Chippendales in a Culpeper bar Pepper's Grill in Culpeper didn't have too many happy customers Friday night when men posing as Chippendales dancers performed for a crowd of 250 people. The crowd expected to see men donning the famous white cuffs and black bow ties during the performance, but instead was shown men dressed as "Top Gun" characters, firemen, and policemen. The local newspaper looked into it and found on the real Chippendales website the dancers were in Canada. More than a few women at the show said the men in the fake show didn't seem as professional as they expected. "My friend said it wasn't like shows she'd seen before." Chippendales' officials disregarded the show saying their tour didn't include a stop in Culpeper. They are trying to smooth it over with customers by giving them free calendars for anyone who sends them their tickets. Chippendales want the audience in Culpeper to send them photos and video of the event. If it helps them track down the fakes and shut down their shows, they'll give them free tickets for their shows in Boston or Las Vegas.

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