Sunday, July 20, 2008

My missing I's

Apparently the letter "I" on my kids computer doesn't always work. The reasont that mention this is that I have notced over the past two weeks that some of my posts have weird spelling and strange syntax in them. While spell-checked by Blogger, it doesn't catch those letters that are just mssing, and doesn't always catch those mssing I's in the middle or at the beginning of a word. I'm honestly not sure what the reason it - obviously they do show up occasonally, but not always. So, I'm leaving this post with you - mssing I's and all - unedited so you can feel my pain.

And this all stems from the hard drive crash. My beloved laptop bit the big one and we need to replace the hard drive to get it back up and running. Yet my replacement hard drive which was supposed to be here last MONDAY has yet to even ship. Nice work there big computer company. (Let's just say that ths new system that we ordered to help save our sanity in the future better be one hot HOT computer.) In the meantime I'm using the boys' computer and the monitor, and well, it's trying to show all the colors but it just can quite make it happen. The connector probably has a pin that's busted and so most mages show up on my screen as slightly purple and green. Makes my new, adorable nephew look like an alien. If I had the software to plug my camera in I'd show you a picture of it, but that too is MIA and is on the way from Canon.

So apologies for the missng I's. Soon this will all be fixed and I'll be back to happy letter land.

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