Sunday, July 20, 2008

No honey, you don't have West Nile Virus.

Since Tom is out of town I get updates about him from his co-workers - well, at least this time I did. The kids and I attended a cookout at his boss' home, something his boss hosts every year at this time. The boys love it because they get to drive the boat, run around like crazy, and play with friends, and I loved it because it was a nice break from "quality time" with the kids and an opportunity to talk to adults. And talk they did.

You see, Tom got sick prior to the Fourth of July week, has had a few lingering symptoms, and jokingly (I think) told one of his NEW co-workers that he has West Nile Virus. She was at the same work site this past week that he was at and somehow didn't get that he was being sarcastic. Tom, it's probably not West Nile and you need to stop telling people that don't know you very well that that's what you have. They might just believe you.

Now apologies will certainly be coming if you DO actually have West Nile, but for now let's just not tell folks that and stop freaking everyone right the heck out.

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