Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Put Your Viking Helmet On - It's Weasel Stomping Day

This post is NOT FOR KIDS. I wouldn't let my kids see this and I don't think you should either. You've been warned, so don't gripe at me if you get grossed out.

However, I need to share this with you, my favorite blog readers. This song has been stuck in my head, for no apparent reason, for DAYS now. I didn't see this episode recently (we love Robot Chicken - but it's kind of gross to be honest). Anyway, the song Weasel Stomping Day has been in my head, so I figured that I'd spread the love. So...terribly...sorry. But you have to love Weird Al - he's the man when it comes to songs like this (and kudos for Robot Chicken for grabbing this and running with it!):

If the video doesn't work for you - defnitely go check it out here on YouTube: Weasel Stomping Day

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