Monday, June 30, 2008


WALL-E was good. Not just Disney good, but really good. It was well reviewed, so we had high expectations of the movie. We went to see it yesterday - yes, on opening weekend. We went to a matinee, so it was only $6 per person (remember when movies were only $6 for the full priced shows?). Anyway, it was a well done, well thought out movie that everyone should see. I'm not all about the moral of the story, or the incredible CGI - I wanted a movie that I would enjoy. And I got exactly what I wanted. I was concered that the movie might be too dark for the kids, but it wasn't. I was concerned that the CGI wouldn't allow me to suspend my belief in reality, but it didn't. I was concerned that the little boys couldn't plug into the storyline, but they did. it was a great movie for everyone.

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Leanne said...

Thanks for this. I was going to take the kids to see this movie this week. I'm SO glad I won't be thowing a ton of money away on ANOTHER bad flick. Thanks for sharing.