Wednesday, June 04, 2008

A Bum Season

Look closely and you'll see kids playing soccer. But don't blink, because this is their first and one of only two full games they've played so far this season. Not a big deal you say, but we are now in the 8th week of the season and the kids have only played two full games and a third that was called in the second half due to lightning. We've had such poor weather and bad luck this season that it's almost funny. The kids are so out of whack that when they DO play games, they are so far behind the curve because they've only practiced and haven't gotten their feet wet on enough real games this season to really gel as a team. But we have three more games scheduled this season, so we might hit the big old .500 mark - not for winning - but for playing games!

(And if you peek on the left side of the picture you'll catch a glimpse of the amazing Coach Tom. He's the coach of Max's team this year and he too is bummed about the lack of games. But hey - it's just one season...)

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