Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Don't be rude to me and expect me to contribute

Dear political campaign telephone solicitor:
You called my house in the middle of the afternoon extolling the virtues of your candidate and as I support your candidate, I listened politely. You asked for a large contribution and I declined politely but thanked you for calling. This does not give you permission to continue on and keep me on the phone for another three minutes. I again decline your request for a somewhat smaller contribution, but yes, I'm aware that you consider VA a swing state in the next election, and yes, I care about the environment, education, health care, and know how important it is that my candidate get elected. I thank you again for calling and tell you that I am going to hang up now. You continue on, and proceed to actually make me angry. I'm not the type that likes to hang up on folks on the phone, but you have put me in the position of doing so to you. It's gone past supporting the candidate and into a bit of crazy telephone stalking. Finally I tell you good-bye, and I hang up, knowing that I've hung up on you in the midst of your spiel about the candidate.

And the insulting part? You called while driving or outside. I could hear the wind whooshing by as we spoke, and while the conversation was all of about 5 minutes, I thought that if you really support your candidate you could give him the respect to call while at home, not in between errands or while sitting outside at Starbucks. And next time, don't keep me on the phone when I've clearly told you that I'm not interested in donating at this time. If I was floundering in my decision (which I've done twice in past Presidential elections), then that conversation might have sent me over to the other side. Fortunately for you I'm not floundering - and your little error in civility will get a pass this time. I hope that you don't call others with that same attitude though - that won't go over well with someone who is less patient than I am.
Sincerely, Suzie

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Beth said...

You're a lot more polite than I would have been. After the first go round, I would have hung up. I hate that they call you at home anyway. Don't they know most folks have caller id and aren't going to pick up the phone?