Sunday, June 22, 2008

Ugh - Computer repairs

Well, the great computer repair is in process - yea!!!! Not sure what I'd do without my husband AND without my extended warranty. You see, we bought this Dell laptop exactly four years and ONE MONTH age, and of course purchased he fantastic four year warranty. Yes, if you did the very easy math there, we are one month out of warranty. It was great while it lasted - we made good use of the warranty while we had it, but here's another part that has failed. It's the fan. But there are two, and Tom wasn't sure if it could be replaced as sometimes computer manufacturers are funny about stuff like this. But, the little fan on the left side of the picture below, is costing us a whopping $25 to replace.

So for now I sit and wait, turning my computer off when I'm done so that my video card doesn't get fried (that would be a bit more than $25 to replace!). Tom put my computer back together - it looked so sad sitting there in pieces...

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3XMom said...

ugggh....I hate problems with computers and other electronic things. At least you could fix it. Its UNBELIEVABLE how many electronics cannot be fixed now for less than replacement cost. I don't want to think of how many DVD players we have added to landfills.