Saturday, June 14, 2008

Gift from Max

I LOVE that my kids are still young enough that they make me handmade jewelery! A few years ago Max brought a necklace home from his Mother's Day Out that he made out of beads and yarn. He smiled at me with a HUGE grin, and handed it over, and I wore it for several weeks, itchy as it was. Fast forward to this past week. Since school was basically wrapped up, the teachers brought in all kind of cool thing for the kids to do. Max came home with various beads, necklaces, rings, and bracelets made from yarn, beads, hemp, and tape! This is his most recent gift to me - and he asked me once again to wear it, and I will with pride.

You see, I remember making gifts like this for my folks growing up. I created all kinds of things for them, and in a sense still do with my scrapbooking and craft projects. Instead of buying cufflinks for Dad I was more likely to produce an ornament. Instead of soem trinket for Mom I would make a frame - with a picture of myself in it, of course! I made countless picture frames, all kind of jewelery, clocks, candles, and who knows what else. I am so excited that the boys have taken this up - and that they are MAKING ME STUFF!

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