Thursday, June 05, 2008

Crazy Hair Day!

The school that Max goes to has a Crazy Hair Day towards the end of each year, and this year was no exception. Now, Max has a close cut buzz, so there's no Mohawk in his immediate future. We almost let his hair go last month, but that would mean that he looked exactly like a floppy dog, this dog to be exact for a majority of the month, and that just wouldn't do:
So we headed off to Sally's, grabbed some green and blue spray color, and ended up with THIS:

Max thought it was super cool, but not the absolute coolest in his class. He says that a little girl had cooler twisty hair that was all orange. I dunno - we did what we could - those darn girls just have more hair! I think it's super cool!

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3XMom said...

I had to look up where you were from. My daughter's school did crazy hair day yesterday - and she had about 10 pony tails all dyed hot pink. She refused to wash it out last night, so still has a bit today (although we are down to 2 ponytails). She loved it. I like the striped look on the boys!