Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Birthday Party Decision

Every year Max turns a year older, and every year Max has a birthday party. In August. In 90+ degree heat. When he turned 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7, we had a splash party in the back yard (both in Texas and in Virginia). It worked out fabulously - he could invite as many as he wanted, and the kids always enjoyed themselves. This year though, Max has other thoughts about his party. For the first time he is considering having his party at a local laser tag place. Because the little boys have had parties at places like this, it's no biggie for us, but for Max this is a big step. He's been to a party at this place, and we've been there as a family, but his brothers can't play the laser tag part, just the video games. So, Max needs to decide if he wants to include his brothers and have a party elsewhere, or have the laser tag party and hope that his brothers enjoy the video games. I think either way that it will be fine - the little boys had a ball playing the games when the big kids play laser tag. Also, when we have parties in the back yard, Max has invited tons of kids - as many as he likes. But when you have parties at an indoor party place, it's a limited number that can attend - and in the summer it's really hit and miss as far as who is in town and who isn't. So Max's big decision needs to be made shortly, as his birthday is creeping up, and I have no idea which way he'll go.

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