Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Calendar surprises!

We have a calendar on our pantry (along with the chore charts) so that everyone knows what's going on and everyone knows where everyone else is or is supposed to be and when. Generally it works, and it's the best method that we've found thus far to make sure that we show up where we are supposed to. It is generated in MS Outlook and is all color coded. The kids know their colors, and can track their own activities. We also add activities as the come up instead of reprinting the whole thing. But this morning I noticed an addition to the calendar that wasn't in my or Tom's handwriting:
Yes, Max added to today "Alvin + the Cimpmunks out on dvd." Not only did he succumb to ads on TV (which he hasn't seen for a week because he lost the privilege) but he also thought enough of the event to add it to the calendar. Wonder if he thinks that this means that I will buy it as it is on the calendar? Too bad he can't watch it though - he's still in trouble until Thursday...


Slice of Paradise said...

So he thinks of the calendar as his "Wish Machine"?

Gotta love him trying to slip that one in on you though! Even if he can't watch it for another few days ;)

Stimey said...

That's really funny. We all have different important dates.

I use one of those giant desk calendars. I have it attached to the wall in my kitchen. I write on it with color coded Sharpies. If I didn't have that calendar, I'd never get anywhere.