Wednesday, April 16, 2008

$200? OUCH!

I have to start this post off by admitting I do something - apparently something that I should not be doing. Our house has wooden floors everywhere except for the basement. I like, well, I love to slide around on them - I call it sock skating. (And I'm not the only one in the house that does this!) Sock skating simply involves wearing socks, and then propelling yourself across the floor similarly to ice skating. It's a ball - try it sometime when you are alone. You don't have to admit it to anyone, but it's fun.

Now, the $200 and the problem comes in when I was sock skating a few days ago. I was in the living room zipping around turning lights off before I left, and I whacked my hand on the back of the couch. I knew immediately that I jammed my fingers as they swelled up and one turned a bit blue where my ring was - my wedding ring. So I whipped the ring off and made no notice of it's condition...until two days later. I was putting lotion on and put my ring back on and noticed that the diamond on my engagement ring was about 2 mm off to one side. No wonder my fingers hurt so much - they had the heck smacked out of them!

So I took my ring into the place that cleaned it about six months ago, reduced the size of the rings because they were falling off of me, and repaired two of the tines that were crooked. That cost as much as our first couch. This time though, fortunately, my diamond was still in place and my wedding band wasn't damaged. (The rings are attached to each other.) It just needed a few tines straightened out, and oh while you are at it can you clean the rings? No problem, the jeweler will call you with an estimate of what the repair cost will be they said.

$200. To straighten my poor little ring out. Not even the whole ring, just the tines. Well, apparently four of the stones in my wedding band are also loose, and both need to be cleaned again. Geez louise where does it end? So instead of paying the $200 and getting the repair, Tom and I are setting off on the grand ring adventure (we're illogical like this occasionally). You see, this year is our 10th wedding anniversary and we're getting me a new ring at some point, so why not now. And since my poor engagement ring had been repaired about 10 times since he gave it to me, we're thinking that maybe a different, more substantial mount is in order.

So, back to the jeweler to get my poor little ring back and see what they can do for me. Our little $200 expenditure turned into a whole new animal, hopefully one that is a little less delicate. I'm not so much the delicate type.

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