Friday, April 25, 2008

So who really looks good in a skort?

I mean honestly they are an interesting idea, but who do they flatter? Me? No, not me. You? Well, that's your call, but the only one that I've seen that's cute (besides the random middle school cheerleader) is this critter:

They not only make my butt seem larger than it really is (and I don't need any help with that) they tend to ride up. Any there's no dignity digging out a wedgie when you are wearing a skort. So, my two skorts are hitting the donation pile. Bye bye my not so friendly friends. You won't really be missed. And if you have some in your stash and you aren't A) a cheerleader below the age of 18 or B)three years old, then you might want to consider tossing yours too.

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