Sunday, March 30, 2008

It's late and I hear little feet

Yeah, that's not good sign, but at least I know who it is. This one was having a rough afternoon:

He looks all sweet in this picture, but that's not the Sam face we saw earlier today. I guess it's my fault in a way, but I can also blame it on my gynecologist if we really want. You see, Max (who was born first) wakes up his brothers. (Yeah, not really the OBGYN's fault!) Anyway, Sam was up early again this morning after a relatively long day yesterday. Then today he was tasked because we didn't do a whole lot of anything (still recovering from strep throat), he was under applied, and I sent him outside. All morning the boys were griping and whining at each other, which is what they do when they need to go and run and be free. Can't do that inside, so I fed them lunch then sent them on their way. After all of about an hour Sam sneaks back in. I didn't hear his voice outside so I asked his brothers where he was, they told me inside, and I found him hiding behind the couch. Weird for Sam, but I was attributing it to being tired (and I was right but didn't figure that out until later on - 15 minutes to be exact). He told me that he didn't want to play outside anymore. I explained that it was either that or a nap - it was time to play outside (and get out all of the kiddo trapped in the house energy that he had). So, after about 10 minutes of snuggles, he goes out to the mudroom, gets his shoes on and heads out. I drag back to my office and hear Ian crying. I run out because it sounded serious (as opposed to Ian's crying / whiny thing that he's doing these days) and come to find out that Sam whacked Ian in the forehead with the lacrosse stick. So, the 15 minutes I mentioned earlier? Sam was sent to bed. He slept for about 2.5 hours - he must have been pooped.
So now it is 11:20 and I hear little footsteps running around. I know he's been to the bathroom at least five times since he went to bed at 8pm, so there's no way his bladder is full. I know that he's adjusted his blankets, switched them out exactly twice because I've been up there that many times to tuck him back in. And I know that it's time for me to go to bed, so I'm off of Sam duty for the evening. He'll eventually figure out that he needs to fall asleep, or we'll have the same trouble tomorrow. Then again he's just 5, so maybe not for years...and years. Took me until college to get that one figured out.

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