Sunday, April 13, 2008

One year ago today

I was sent home from the hospital to recover from a major surgery. I had a breast reduction and a tummy tuck, and man was I uncomfortable. I was swollen, had several drains in that made me uncomfortable, was heavily medicated (thank goodness) and couldn't have been happier (see my big drug induced cheesy grin?). About three months later, all was back to normal, or what the new normal would become. It took me another few months to completely recover, but I was up to regular speed at six months - and much faster on the go. I could now run, jump, and do a lot more without having those girls in the way. But a year ago today I was heavily medicated and in a bit of pain - and very doped up. Fortunately my in-laws here here running the house and taking care of all of us so Tom could continue working and we could all maintain our sanity. Fortunately my husband 'got it" and encouraged and supported me through this whole process. But still, a year ago today I was on the couch, not yet taking showers, and not allowed to stand up straight or lift anything.

I can't be more happy with how it all turned out, nor can I say that I have any regrets. Take a look at the difference and you'll see what I mean - can't ask for anything more:
The first one is the night before the surgery. The second is from six weeks after, and I was still swollen in spot. At about six months the swelling went away completely, and my shape changed dramatically when I started back exercising, and running. The last picture is from last month, but you get the drift! I can't say that it was an easy recovery, but like anything this radical, it was a family decision and one of our best if I say so myself. I'm sure that the rest of the family would agree - I'm in a much better place overall these days, and have this surgery to thank for helping to get me there.

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Jessica said...

I am just in awe that you have been through that recovery. Ouch!

You look amazing and I am super jealous! Do they give a discount to moms of twins? They should! :)
(then maybe I wouldn't have to wait forever to get it done too)