Saturday, April 12, 2008

Let the CRAZINESS commence

So tomorrow these two (but not Flat Stanley Elvis):
begin soccer. They've played soccer before, but this is going to get interesting as Max has soccer on Saturdays and Tom coaches that team. Hopefully the games won't collide too many times, and hopefully the boys both enjoy their soccer experience. My guess, from their sheer joy at being able to wear shin guards, is that they will have a ball. So, we're off tomorrow to a whole new experience - Max has to wait around while his brothers play soccer!

The craziness comes in as we have to manage travel to and from the games. Fortunately the little guys should be on the same team, but we'll find out tomorrow how much craziness we will have to deal with this season. And I'm sure that this is nothing - the really crazy schedules are looming just on the horizon.

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The Firth Five said...

I know how you feel Suzie! We've got all 3 in baseball. Out of 16 games, only 5 are at the same time, lunkily at the same field. Baseball and Soccer is crazy time for us! Good Luck!