Thursday, April 10, 2008

I had this great idea for a blog post...

...and I completely forget what it is. It was all of five minutes ago, so I must be tired. Whatever it was struck me as a great blog post, but it is gone. It simply vanished. So, a quick kiddo story and I'm off to bed as I'm obviously tired! And I won't even get into a big old discussion of why I think it is so terribly wrong to disrupt the Olympic Torch or the Olympics themselves for political reasons.

My kids do chores, and this week Max has Sock Patrol as one of his chores. This means that he scours the house for socks (our original problem was socks being left EVERYWHERE) and any other dirty clothes. He also has to put away clean clothes, but I generally have all the kids do that together to spread their pain. Anyway, the hamper was downstairs in the laundry room, so Max had to, with his own hands, pick up my underwear and carry them down to the rest of the laundry. My underwear, along with a few other pieces of clothing, was sitting where the hamper lives normally. So, he picks up my undies and yells at the top of his lungs to his brothers (imagine the tone here - he's a 7 year old boy)

"OOOOO. Mommy's underwear. I have mommy's underwear! OOOOO"

Yeah, nice.

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