Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Dear restaurant owner - DON'T LET US IN.

Once again one of the restaurants that we frequent has closed. This happens over and over again, going back YEARS. We find a great restaurant, start going there regularly, mention OUT LOUD to each other that we like the place, and it closes. I'd post links to these places, but only one was part of a chain, so the rest have just up and disappeared (one did move really far across town and we count that).

So if you have a favorite restaurant, it's best not to tell us. If you owna restaurant and would like to stay open, don't invite us in. And if we do come in to eat, certainly don't have good food and service - that might draw us back in and you'll risk going out of business. And no, it doesn't work the other way. You get no boost if we don't like your food. And having us pretend doesn't seem to work either - those nasty or gross places are all still there, even though we pledged our undying love for them.

So, we are the harbingers of doom. If we come in and like our meal you don't have long...

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