Sunday, February 04, 2007

Good Day Today

I held my first crop in the new house last night and it was a nice, relaxing crop. There were three ladies that came - two new folks - and they all seemed to enjoy the scrapping time. It's been tough getting a foothold on business here in VA, but that's because I'm still not plugged into the right circles. I'm getting closer though - taking steps to build a solid business. So, this first crop at the new place was free (had to change the date because of the move so I thought I'd make it a free one) but in the future I'll charge. Anyway, it was a good time and I actually semi-completed four pages. I say semi because I only had a few things out of boxes. The rest will be completed when my supplies escape those boxes.

The big news of the day is that I bought PAINT for my office. Yeah, it's a rental but Tom really liked the idea of painting my office - mostly because it's little stuff like this that makes me happy. He's such a good guy (not saying that to be mean honey) - he's always looking out for that which makes me happy. Anyway, brought home some paint chips and I was heading towards my standard blues palate and mentioned the purple. He offered his opinion and I ran with an actual purple! It is called Palace Purple and the number is 630D-6 in case you're near the paint section in a Home Depot soon. So, tomorrow I paint! I'll get some before and after pics so you can get a feel of the room. Right now it's just a bunch of boxes and some assorted stuff that has escaped and not much else. The room feels like it's packed to the gills (and it's 13x15 or so, so that's a real task!) but in reality everything will have a nice neat home to fit into. I have a cabinet for paper arriving on the 10th or so, but in the meanwhile I can get the rest of the stuff up before then. Paper is so difficult to put on a shelf as it needs to be on a shelf deeper than most bookcases. But, we found a good solution at IKEA. Originally I was going to get these Expedit shelves, but they are only 13" on the inside and that's just not big enough to hold my paper holders. So, we roamed around and found these things:

They are stackable up to four high, so I got four of them. The best part is that they are very deep. They are 17" deep, so nothing will hang off the front, and nothing will slip so far back that I can't see it. They are about 16" tall and 33.5" wide, so they four of them stacked up will make a nice bookshelf for all my paper. Also, Tom saw these wheels and in his phase of "everything is better on wheels," we got the base that has big casters on it. Still honestly not sure why he wants to wheel around this big heavy bookshelf of paper, but he insists it's so I can change my mind and he can move it more easily. Think we've done this before in my office? No, not me...

Anyway, I'll get the room painted, get the shelves in and put together and then I'll get the "after" picture. Give me a few weeks to get settled in there. I simply must make use of those wheels on the cabinet after it's completely loaded down with paper to watch Tom squirm...

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