Thursday, February 15, 2007

Life's Little Lessons - Winter Edition

Lesson 1: The snow moved when a plow comes through is dirty and kinda gross. (We learned this yesterday actually.)
Lesson 2: After a big snow if it doesn't warm up above freezing, it doesn't start to melt.
Lesson 3: It's a good idea to shovel the driveway after a snow - see Lesson 2.
Lesson 4: It's hard to drive on ice. (We knew this from Texas.)
Lesson 5: If it rains after it snows and then stays below freezing, the snow becomes really, really hard.
Lesson 6: Really, really hard snow covered by ice is very tough to drive on.
Lesson 6: It's really a good idea to shovel the driveway after a snow - see above.

It took me 10 minutes to get out of the driveway this morning. We did make it out, thanks in part to Tom, some patience, and a decent set of tires on the van, but we certainly have learned our lesson. Some guys came by a bit ago and we told them to come back later on and they could clear the driveway out. Man, now we know. It's beautiful, but now slippery, hard, and slightly dangerous. Us Texans and Floridians are learning our way around this whole winter thing slowly...but it still is beautiful.

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