Monday, February 05, 2007


6:56 pm. That's the time last night that Tom got the projector, speakers, cable box and all those dang cords plugged in and up and running. Notice I didn't say screen. He was projecting the Super Bowl onto the wall. It's actually not a bad view, but he wasn't happy with the blacks and how they looked grey. Anyway, note that the game started at 6:35, and that we've lived here for almost TWO WEEKS now. Just kidding - I've kept him busy since we moved in. Anyway, he got the whole thing plugged in so I could watch the Super Bowl full sized! So, I'm keeping him.

When we woke up today it was 11 degrees out. I sent my son to school in 11 degrees. Weird. Tomorrow, it will be between 9 and 11 degrees when he goes to school. Dang - if it's this cold it might as well snow! They say it might flurry on Wednesday morning, but I'm not holding my breath. There's also a wind, so it's not only cold out, it's really cold out. It feels like it's 0 degrees out right now, and I can tell you that's cold. I long for that mailbox slot in the door. Now it all makes sense. Never liked it at the old house - I love going out to get the mail. But right now I dread getting the mail as it's out at the street - and we have a long enough driveway that I might just leave it until tomorrow. And I've got to get the trash cans out too...sigh

The good part is that this house is keeping warm. It's got radiators and radiant heat as opposed to forced air, so there's no system going on and off loudly, no cold periods followed by warm periods, and pretty much even heating over the entire house. The basement even stays warm! Very nice as the old place couldn't keep up when it was 32. Can't imagine what temp it is now.

I did meet the mailman and the UPS man today. mailman nice - brought my oranges to the door so they wouldn't freeze (also rang the bell!). UPS guy cold and unfriendly. I assume both because there were warmer places that he'd rather be - say Hawaii or South Florida. Hopefully he'll turn the corner as it gets warmer - he's going to be here a lot.

Got the kiddos a Game Cube to replace their Nintendo 64. It died before we moved and we just hadn't replaced it yet. Tom got a PS3, but there weren't any game that were out for the kids yet, and it's also a $600 piece of electronic equipment that I wasn't too keen on letting them touch. So, they get the refurbished Nintendo Game Cube and some fun games for a whopping total of $100. They were delighted. They actually share when they play this (we forced them to because there were only two controllers before). Now there are three controllers and they are still sharing - simply amazing. They have their days but they are enjoying every minute of their new to them video game system.

So, that's all for now. The first coat of paint is up in my office - and it is purple. I'll get some pics up when I get the second coat on and when I get things put away...hopefully before too long.

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Krissy said...

Yeah, It was a great game too! Just checking in to see how your move went!! Can't wait to see pics of the new place!!