Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Callie and his Chicken Nuggets

Ian likes chicken nuggets. But so does Callie, our old diabetic cat who escaped two days before we moved and was found under the deck of the neighbor's house in the snow five days later. I digress. Ian doesn't always eat all of his nuggets and tosses the remainders in the trash. If Ian has been so bold as to be at the table when his food is served so that Callie can't try to snatch a nugget then (Ian generally IS at the table when his dinner is served), then Callie has to resort to other methods. I caught him a few days ago watching the trash can like a hawk. He waited until Ian tossed some nuggets out and then he moved in. He looked at me, sitting a mere three feet from him, and then went right after those nuggets. The next picture would have been (had I not gotten up to remove his arm from the trash can) him knocking the trash can over and scaring the beejeezus out of himself, and getting no nuggets. Sad to say those chicken nuggets are wily, and were not to be eaten this day. But Callie has tried to steal Ian's nuggets several times by just sliding up onto the bench next to him and taking advantage of Ian's good nature to no avail (apparently this good nature doesn't extend to sharing his dinner). He did get one nugget one day when we all went to the window to peek at Daddy in the driveway. Callie grabbed a nugget and downed it within about 30 seconds. Guess he knew that if he waited we would remove his kill and he would be once again without a precious chicken nugget.

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