Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Meet Klaus

I've been gone for a few days but have a LOT to share!

I spent the weekend in the glorious San Antonio, TX with some friends from third grade - yes, third grade. Some of these people I haven't seen in 25 or so years, but we fell right in like no time at all had passed. We went back to our school and planted trees, just as we did the first year we were there. We also went o some great restaurants - the kind that you can't take your kiddos to. The weirdest part was that we invited our teacher, who had a huge impact on all of us way back then, and she also fell right in as though we'd just seen her yesterday (although this time as adults!). We weren't sure if she'd make it or what she'd be like, but she was oh so young when she taught us way back then, so she's not much older than us now. It was a relaxing, truly enjoyable weekend. did I mention that the hotel had a spa? I got a massage...a much needed massage.

On the way back from San Antonio, I got a call while waiting to catch the plane in Dallas. My good friend Ray was asking if I wanted to fly to Chicago to see OPRAH. I nearly died when she asked because I knew that I really couldn't. She found out she had tickets and figured that I would want to go (which of course I did), and so she was calling around to see who was available to go with her. Normally I'd have said yes and called Tom to get me a plane ticket (still en route to DC) but he had missed almost three days of work the week before due to snow, and I knew that he had a big meeting this upcoming week (turns out it is on Wednesday - same as the Oprah taping). I was so bummed about this, but I'll have my TIVO on to catch her on there!

Then, my Klaus made an appearance today. Klaus is Tom's mouse. I call him Tom's mouse because Tom named him. I think he's vermin and shouldn't be named, but when Tom has to rid our house of Klaus, we'll hopefully NOT see Klaus II. There are traps down, but seems that Klaus got away from one of those traps several days ago, so I'm calling Terminix back in ASAP. I've dealt with ants (Texas) and palmetto bugs (Florida) but this take the cake. NO MORE KLAUS IN MY HOUSE! And the worst (besides the fact that there's a mouse in the house in the first place) is that the cat watched him skitter across the floor and didn't even lift his head. He just kinda looked like "been there done that" and didn't move. Not so much the big mouse catcher in this house. Maybe the other cat will come to my rescue...or maybe the Terminix man will - he's got my back for sure.

Speaking of cake, gotta decide what to do for the boys' birthday on Sunday. We're heading to Build a Bear with family and friends, so that part is good to go, but no idea what to do about the cake. Maybe I'll just make cupcakes 9or buy them). So gotta work on that tomorrow.

Boys can be so gross. All I hear these days are fart jokes, fart noises, and "underwear," which are all funny to 6 and 3 year olds. Problem is, some of it is funny - not because the words themselves are funny, but because the boys are cracking themselves up. They think the weirdest things are funny, but it does irritate me some. Sam was calling me 'booty" today, and called Tom that too. He got corrected in both instances. Can't hardly blame them for being boys, but man, i wish they'd outgrow this stage...but I know there's worse to come! ;)

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