Sunday, July 09, 2006

Starbucks Keeps Her Clear

So as my Mom walks down this path, she goes to Starbucks almost every day. She went to Starbucks occassionally and really liked it, but now she believes (and this is the important part) that it keeps her "clear." As long as she keeps doing things taht keep her clear, like getting out of the house, walking around, drinking Starbucks, then she will be able to maintain her cognitive abilites. They will still slowly drift away as the tumor touches other parts of her brain, but Starbucks seems to not only keep her clear, but going these makes her happy, and that's what it is all about these days. She and Dad, or whomever else is there, hops in the car and drives to a local Starbucks and gets their coffee. They also drive around a bit more, but they are both out of the house and enjoying thier coffees.

So, I'm sending her a Starbucks tumbler with pics of her grandkids in it - that will make her VERY happy. It's two of the most precious things that she has - grandkids and coffee. Who wold have thought that coffee would be such a powerful tool? Now all I need to do is to crank out some more of these inserts so she can see different pics of the kids over the next few weeks!

Man, gotta love the Starbucks...but I already did.

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