Sunday, July 30, 2006

Butterfly Invasion!!!

Apparently San Antonio has been invaded by American Snout Butterflies. Actually, loads of cities in this area are being invaded. The recent weather conditions have been just so that their natural predators did not wipe many of them out. So, there are butterflies everywhere. Normally, this would be a cool thing (and I certainly thought it was kinda neat at first) but folks around here are complaining. Seems that they get stuck in car grills, get run over and attract birds into traffic lanes, and so on. You need to wash your car at least a few times each week to get rid of them. Makes you feel like you are in that movie "The Birds" both when you are outside and when you are in your car (except for the size thing - these guys are still pretty small). The bummer part is that they are not the pretty butterflies like you'd imagine (not the ones with pink and purple wings like we chicks really imagine, but the beautiful Monarches - all black and yellow - that come to mind when you thing of butterflies). For starters these guys are called American SNOUT butterflies, so they are oddly shaped to begin with. Then, they are brown and kinda look like moths. That doesn't really endear them to anyone. The whole swarming thing is no fun either - while outside you are constantly swatting at the air as they fly around - makes me look like a mental patient (don't need any help in that area - thanks though!). So, I'll post some pics of these little butterflies and let you decide - cute? I think not.

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