Saturday, July 22, 2006

Clean Underwear

It was bound to happen eventually as I have been travelling a lot more these days. I finally got the note that the TSA opened my luggage and inspected it. Seems some man was digging around in my underwear. It's an odd thing to think that you not only have to have clean underwear on your body (in case of an accident like you mother told you) but that you need to have clean underwear in your suitcase in case the TSA guys inspect it.

So, I open my luggage after I got home and to my surprise was this nice little note that said "your bag and its contents may have been searched for prohibited items." Meaning (at least to me), some man was digging around through your stuff - you better not have had anything naughty in there...sigh...

At least my underwear was clean...I can't imagine what else they run across in people's bags. Not mine though. Not now, not ever. And hopefully no more men digging through my underwear.

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